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From our website

The address of our website is: This site is run by two individuals who write about limousine rentals in Estonia and suggest different ways to rent a limousine. All information on this site is based on the opinion of webmasters and does not represent reality. We are not responsible for the accuracy or consequences of any information based on this site. Each web visitor is responsible for their actions and their consequences.

What personal information we collect


When web visitors leave comments on our site, the web site saves, in addition to the information added to the form, the IP address and browser user agent used to detect web spam. The commenter’s email address may be shared with a Gravatar service provider to identify the user’s possible account in the Gravatar environment. Gravatar’s privacy policy can be read here: If the comment is accepted, the thumbnail of the account may appear with the public comment.


If you upload media that has location information inside, that location may be downloaded and displayed from images on our website.

Feedback form

If you send us a letter through the feedback form on the website, your name and email address will be sent with the content of the letter to the owner of the website and to Lux Party OÜ (luxlimu AT, which provides the limousine service. We are not responsible for the way the limousine service provider handles your information in order to contact you. Please read the service provider’s privacy policy first. These messages are kept indefinitely and stored on email servers. It is possible to delete a message by letting us know through the website. Our site uses Google’s reCAPTCHA service to prevent spam. Please read Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms before sending this letter.


If you leave a comment on our site, you can choose to save your name and email in cookies. This will automatically enter your information the next time you want to comment. These cookies are valid for one year.

When you visit the sign-in page, a temporary cookie is installed in your browser to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal information and will be deleted when you close your browser.

Articles on this site may contain added content (videos, pictures, articles). Added content from other web pages works as if the visitor was on another web page. Such other websites may store your personal information, use cookies, track your web activity.

Social media

The social media gadgets on our website (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and others) use cookies for your visit. This is done to improve your visit to the web, and ads that interest you may be shown. This can be prevented by disabling cookies in your browser.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies and other technology to collect information about web visitors and activity on this web site. Each time you visit, the following information about you will be recorded: date and time of visit, IP address, location, device and browser information, operating system, screen resolution, duration and duration of the visit, reference information and more. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and is not shared with third parties except for the web site administrator and log system. If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can: 1) disable cookies in your web browser 2) stop using this website 3) use a special Google Analytics gadget. You can read more about the Google Analytics Privacy Policy here:

Who we share your information with

We do not send your information to third parties, but various service providers linked to this site may obtain information about you through our website. Some companies that may receive information about you through our website, please read their privacy policy pages:
WordPress –
Google –
Facebook –
Instagram –
Twitter –
Lux Party OÜ – luxlimu AT (messages, emails)

How long we hold your information

If you comment, the comment and the information it contains will be preserved forever. This is necessary for automatic acceptance of future comments.

Your name and email address will be stored on our web site and on Google’s servers until you request the deletion of your information.

When you register on the website, your personal information will be stored under your user profile for an indefinite period. Webmasters can edit and delete this information.

Google Analytics has set a 26 month period for user and event information to expire.

For social media gadgets and other third-party information about expiration, please read their original privacy policy.

What rights do you have over your information?

If you have an account on this website, you have commented, you can ask for information about yourself. You can contact and ask for your information to be deleted. We cannot delete information that we are required to store for administrative, legal or security reasons.

Our contact details

If you would like to contact us about privacy issues please email us at:

How we protect your information

We use the secure server service Hostgator. We use secure information transfer (SSL) provided by CloudFlare. The passwords for our online accounts are secure and long. We keep our website software WordPress up to date.

Additional information

This Privacy Policy may change. We do not need to inform our web visitors of the changes. You must return to this Privacy Policy page to see updates. You must accept our Privacy Policy page in order to use our website

This privacy policy page was last updated on February 26, 2020.